Who we are

We are an advertising agency, where the minds of the people and their
passion generate unconventional projects every day. We are distinguished by



We create advertising campaigns of individual projects and complex actions,
each time sharing the decks unrelenting creative energy.

Mobile applications and WEB

We create modern mobile solutions in conjunction with
the activities on the Internet and off-line.

Visual presentation
and 3D projects

Comprehensive, unconventional presentations of branded is our specialty.
Thanks to the creativity of our designers, we create advanced animations and
models that enrich the visualization of your company and products.

Strategy and implementation
of competitions

We will develop for you concepts, prepare prizes and active the mechanism of
competition. All this with the use of advertising psychology and consumer
behavior models in practice.


With the support of talented graphic designers, authors create drawings,
illustrations and graphics for advertising . Unique designs are made after
a thorough analysis of our client's expectations.

Marketing strategy

We combine creative work with analytical concept, creating
a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.